About Karlastaden

We want to make the most of Karlastaden and that means we must make additional efforts, large-scale and small, to successfully deliver what we want. We are building higher than we usually do in the Nordic region, which naturally imposes particularly high demands on everything, from foundations to designs that can withstand a proper west coast storm. At the same time, we know that a great deal is determined by small-scale aspects – by the details (which are really much more than just details).

The big question concerns the overall purpose, with the simple answer being that Gothenburg and Sweden are growing, requiring additional homes, hotels, offices, numerous restaurants and shops to meet current needs and fashions. We are of course happy to be able to help in this regard – but, for us, we do not feel that is enough. We seek to add an additional dimension, something for everyone involved to aim for, something leading towards something bigger.

This leads us to our vision for Karlastaden as Sweden, the world and Gothenburg – all in one place. A place where life, movement and space offer new perspectives.

In Karlastaden, the direction is always forwards.

We are building an entirely new environment for many people – you can lead an international lifestyle here, and it will be an experience that takes great strides into the future.

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The district is more than just Karlastaden

Karlastaden is part of Lindholmen, one of both Sweden’s and Europe’s answers to Silicon Valley. The area is bubbling with creativity and knowledge, with progress towards the future being achieved by the Chalmers Univeristy of Technology, Ericsson, SAAB, Telenor, Volvo and many, many others.

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The entire Karlastaden is expected to be completed in 2028

The Karlastaden project is being developed and operated by the Serneke Group. With the concept first being presented in 2007

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