The district is more than just Karlastaden. Karlastaden is part of Lindholmen, one of both Sweden’s and Europe’s answers to Silicon Valley. The area is bubbling with creativity and knowledge, with progress towards the future being achieved by the Chalmers Univeristy of Technology, Ericsson, SAAB, Telenor, Volvo and many, many others. Some 5,000 people already live here.

Karlastaden brings to Lindolmen and Hisingen the urban environment that has been missing there to date. Bringing Karlastaden to Lindholmen entails central Gothenburg expanding and finally taking a leap across the river. Both visually, by adding attractive, new facilities and with an increased flow of people between the shores, as in London or Stockholm.

The city district
Karlastaden covers a land area of ​​approximately
31 000 m².

The highest is Karlatornet with its 73 floors. Cassiopeja with its 43 floors, top left in the picture, is second highest. In front of Karlatornet, towards Lindholmsallén, is Lynx, to the left of Lynx, you see Virgo and in the middle Callisto. At the bottom left, Capella and above that block Auriga and Aries.

In the middle of Karlastaden, a pavilion is being built and in front of the tower, a smaller glass pavilion is will be established that houses both a café, a restaurant and also facilitate the entrance to the spectacular floor 69, Observation Deck, in Karlatornet


Establishing in Karlastaden

Karlastaden will be a unique place where people seek a new way of life, where they work in a dynamic environment or where they come simply to gain a new perspective.

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Time line

The Karlastaden project is being developed and operated by the Serneke Group. With the concept first being presented in 2007, the winning entry in the architectural competition for the Karlatornet tower was announced in 2014.

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