Time line

The Karlastaden project is being developed and operated by the Serneke Group. With the concept first being presented in 2007, the winning entry in the architectural competition for the Karlatornet tower was announced in 2014.

In 2015, the social housing operator Hemsö and the Robert Dickson Foundation acquired the building rights for the Karlastaden district and were later joined by property company Tosito. In 2017, the zoning plan for the area was completed and building permit applications were submitted. In 2020, Balder became a partner in the Karlatornet project company, which is now owned in equal parts by Balder and Serneke.

In 2021, the companies launched a joint development company for the construction of additional buildings in the Karlastaden district. During 2022, construction of Karlatornet has been in full swing, with the first stages scheduled for completion in 2023.

The Karlastaden district as a whole is scheduled for completion in 2028.


The first property acquisition on Lindholmen is made


The plans for Karlastaden are presented for the first time


The architectural competition of the tower is decided. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s entries are selected as winners among 5 finalists


Construction rights are sold to Hemsö and the Robert Dickson Foundation


Sales start for the first apartments in Karlatornet


The zoning plan for Karlastaden gains legal force.


Construction work starts


Karlatornet’s bored piles are completed, the base plate is cast and the frame begins to be built


Balder joins Karlatornet AB as a 50% partner together with Serneke.


The lower outrigger floors will be completed to ensure the stability of the tower. Tosito starts selling its apartments in the Capella neighborhood. Serneke & Balder is part of a joint development company and is developing three buildings together. Lynx, Virgo & Callisto.


Karlatornet continues its journey upwards. In May 2022, the tower is the highest in Gothenburg with about 100m left to the top! Serneke has entered into an agreement to develop the Auriga district together with Balder, which will be the third tallest residential building in Gothenburg with a height of approximately 125 meters.

In Karlastaden you live in the middle of a big city.
But also close to everything else.

Today, more than 21,000 people work, study, conduct research or live in Lindholmen. With Karlastaden, Lindholmen will be full of life, 24 hours a day.

In Karlastaden, you will live in the heart of a major city, close to everything but nonetheless peaceful. There will be minimal road traffic between the neighborhoods within Karlastaden and the district has been designed to create a place in which people are in focus. A place where you will want to stay.

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