Urban concept and architecture

In Karlastaden, the direction is always forwards. We are building an entirely new environment for many people – you can lead an international lifestyle here, and it will be an experience that takes great strides into the future. All within the area of five soccer pitches, or slightly less than half of the city of Marstrand. This makes for a vibrant district

The district will comprise nine buildings, each with a unique profile.

The tallest will be the Karlatornet tower, the tallest building in the Nordic countries, at 245 meters or 73 stories and carrying a crown. The other buildings will also stand tall at up to 43 stories and offering facilities beyond the ordinary. The whole district will serve as a new landmark for Sweden and for Gothenburg in particular.

Just as important as the buildings, however, or even more important in fact, is the atmosphere we seek to achieve in and around them. That determines whether we thrive and are influenced by what we see, hear, taste, smell and feel. We want the atmosphere to breathe daring more and enjoying more. More of life.

And then there is one aspect that is more important than anything else – safety and security. Accordingly, we foster all aspects of safety and security and, when we discover something that can be improved, we make it a priority.

The world’s best architects and collaborators?

Anyone who has ever built a house or renovated a bathroom knows that the key to success lies in blueprints and teamwork. Naturally, it all starts with really good drawings and that is why we have hired some of the world’s best architects. The architects behind the Karlatornet tower are Skidmore, Owings & Merrill – SOM, a world-famous architectural firm for which the interaction between architecture and engineering is its hallmark. Among other achievements, they designed the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. We considered that an impressive merit.

Other architectural offices participating in the overall collaboration are Stockholm-based Andreas Martin-Löf and Tengbom as well as KUB and Gothenburg-based Semrén & Månsson. Also involved have been all manner of specialists from Norconsult who have been responsible for the geotechnical work, to those performing the actual construction work, floor by floor, in rain and shine.


A strong identity and a warm heart

Karlastaden will be a city within the city, with a strong identity, a warm heart and open arms. Just like Gothenburg as a whole.

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