Sweden, the world and Gothenburg – all in one place

Karlastaden is a place where life, movement and space offer new perspectives

About Karlastaden

Seeking to create something different is always enjoyable – something that offers new qualities, provides unexpected experiences and benefits development. This is the fundamental notion we are pursuing as we create Karlastaden – for you and everyone else interested in the district.

Here, streets are emerging with restaurants, creative spaces, two thousand new homes, hotels, exciting shops, cultural stages, efficient services and so much more. Karlastaden will be a city within the city, with a strong identity, a warm heart and open arms. Just like Gothenburg as a whole.

We are building higher than we usually do in the Nordic region

Which naturally imposes particularly high demands on everything, from foundations to designs that can withstand a proper west coast storm. At the same time, we know that a great deal is determined by small-scale aspects – by the details (which are really much more than just details

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Your company in Karlastaden?

Karlastaden will be a unique place where people seek a new way of life, where they work in a dynamic environment or where they come simply to gain a new perspective. These are people who perceive opportunities, are keen to try things out and who often set the trend.

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